Pavilion Rental

Pavilion Rental Information and Booking

Your $50 Fee Includes:

  • Three (3) hour Pavilion rental.
  • Access to one fridge/freezer in the Sugar Shack.
  • 4 picnic tables with benches with game area.
Rain Policy:
In the event of rain we will make an effort to establish a suitable rain date. If we cannot come to an agreed upon date you will be issued a 50% refund.  Any party that has been in progress for more than 1.5 hours’ time will not be issued a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds on guest passes and guest fees.

Rental Terms of Agreement:
Members agree to the following as part of the facility rental agreement:

    • Follow all posted rules and have guests follow posted rules as well. The host member is liable for guests’ behavior while on pool property.
    • Clean up after the party and return the pavilion to the condition it was upon entry. Failure to return the pavilion to the original condition will result in a fee for cleaning costs.
    • Lifeguards and staff are not responsible for set-up, clean-up or moving any furniture back to its original location.
    • Entry for non-member guests can be covered by pre-paid guest passes, which members can purchase on membersplash or at the front desk.
    • Pay for any damages that occur as a result of their party or party guests. Members understand that damages will be brought to their attention and will be billed to them after assessment of the costs has been determined.