Charter Members

Membership 2020

Dear Charter Member,

This year we are challenged by the COVID-19 global Pandemic.

We have delayed sending this letter and invoice as long as possible, and we have come up with a plan based on Fairfax County Health Department guidelines and Northern Virginia community Pool Leaders. This plan also Governor Northam’s “Forward Virginia Blueprint”. The plan relies on members to act responsibly, adhere to guidelines and rules and to stay home if they exhibit symptoms or have a fever. The staff, and RFRA board reserves the right to refuse entry to any member exhibiting symptoms and to eject any member not following safety protocols.

Governor Northam’s plan is broken down into three phases. We expect that we will open the pool during Phase II of the plan, on or about 13 June 2020. This phase can last 2 to 4 weeks, and during this time the following rules will apply:

There will be 90-minute slots for member swimming purposes.
After each slot, the pool will be evacuated for cleaning and disinfection. All personal items must be removed.
No more than  30 members will be permitted inside the pool. Reservations will be required.
Reservations can be made one week in advance.
Reservations will be handled online using signup genius
Reservations will be limited to one slot per day prior to the day of the reservations. If slots are still available on a given day, reservations will be opened that day when the pool opens.
No guests during this phase.
No Pavilion rentals
Members will be required to bring their own chairs; tables and umbrellas will be provided.
Sugar Shack will remain closed.
Children under the age of 13 will need to be accompanied by an adult.
No more than 2 members will be permitted in each restroom at one time.

Phase II of Governor Northam’s plan is expected to last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. Currently the following rules are being considered for Phase III:

Maximum Member load limitations will be observed.
All members will be required to check in and check out.
The pool will close every 3 hours for a 30 minute break to allow for cleaning and disinfecting of the facilities. During this time all personal belongings need to be removed.
Members will be required to bring their own chairs; tables and umbrellas will be provided.
No Pavilion rentals.
Sugar Shack will remain closed.

As more information for Phase III becomes available, these rules will be updated.

Social distancing is a requirement for the operation and safety of the pool and our members. The lifeguards are not responsible for monitoring and policing social distancing. This is the responsibility of the members. The lifeguards are responsible for cleaning, performing pool related activities and most importantly lifeguarding. Their focus is the safety and well being of the swimmers in the pool and on the deck.

The Rolling Forest Pool membership fee remains one of the lowest in the Springfield area. All of our members can enjoy free Wi-Fi at our well-maintained pool. Charter membership fees for the entire summer are just $400 per family, the same cost as last year. This fee covers all household members, including live-in caregivers residing in the household for the summer. We will again offer you the option to pay your membership by check or credit card (please contact

Only those members whose accounts are current or have set up an approved payment plan due to hardship will be permitted to use the facility. RFRA may experience lower operating costs base on the delayed opening, once the season ends and related expenses are accounted for, the Board will review any cost savings and decide on a credit towards next year’s dues.
Obligation of a Charter Member: Every lot owner will automatically, by the acceptance of the deed of conveyance, become a member of the Rolling Forest Recreation Association, Inc. With the acceptance of the deed of conveyance, comes the obligation to pay dues to RFRA which are separate from your HOA dues. The membership conveys with the property if the owner’s membership is in good standing, as set forth in all three HOA Declarations, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and in the RFRA By-Laws. As a Charter member, you have voting rights that other members do not have.
Owners in good standing who do not wish to swim will again have the option to “rent out” their membership. The rent-out fee for 2020 is $100. This is based on the pool opening no later than 13 June. We will re-assess the rent-out if the pool opening is significantly delayed. All Charter members who would like to rent out their membership must pay the full membership rate of $400 for the 2020 season. Once the membership has been rented out, you will be refunded $300. Rent out request must be paid by check and marked on your form as a rent out with both submitted at the same time. Rent-out requests are filled on a first-come first-serve basis, so please send in your request early.
Should you choose NOT to pay the membership fee or rent out your membership for 2020; the RFRA, Inc., will file an official lien against your property for any unpaid dues not received by the end of our swim season-Sept.7, 2020. This lien will reflect an amount based on the last time dues were paid by the current owner. This action will continue each year until your dues are current.
In order to keep the costs as low as possible, we all need to work together. Donations of material items and/or handyman work are always welcome and are a great way to keep our operating costs down. Our goal is to pay for future increases in expenses by growing the membership base, rather than raising member fees. Please introduce friends and new neighbors to the pool so they can experience our hidden gem on Flax Street.
Operating Hours for 2020
Summer hours, starting June 13th will be Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, and Sun noon–9pm. The pool will be open from 4-8pm Mon-Thurs and Friday 4-9pm the weeks of Aug. 25- Sept. 3.The pool is reserved for adults (16 and older) from 10am to noon each Sunday. A dedicated lap lane is available for dedicated lap swimmers.

To keep updated with pool information feel free to check out our Facebook page.

Copies of pool rules and regulations are available at and at the pool’s front desk. Please help us and the guards maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere at the pool. If you have any questions regarding pool procedures or operations, speak to the pool manager at 703-569-1472.
The RFRA annual meeting will be held at the pool Monday, Sept.7nd, Labor Day at 12:30pm. We are always looking for new Board Members. Please contact one of the Board members if you are interested in volunteering. Very few are turned away!

2020 Board Members (elected or appointed)

Greg Trotto, President,
Mike Saadvandi, Treasurer,
Kathy Spillman, At-Large
The entire Board,

The Board is dedicated to serving you. We welcome your suggestions and comments to improve service at the pool. We look forward to a great 2020 season!
The RFRA Board

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