Associate Members

Dear Associate Member,
COVID-19 has brought unforeseen changes to our lifestyle and environment.
While speaking to members and neighbors and our vendors the past few months; the board had to make a decision in regards to opening the pool. Our options included not opening the pool or to follow the government’s guideline on opening our facility. After talking to various people and vendors the board decided that our best option would be to open the pool following the state guidelines.
We have delayed sending this letter and invoice as long as possible, and we have come up with a plan based on Fairfax County Health Department guidelines and Northern Virginia community Pool Leaders. This plan also Governor Northam’s “Forward Virginia Blueprint”. The plan relies on members to act responsibly, adhere to social distancing guidelines and pool rules and to stay home if they exhibit symptoms or have a fever. The staff, and RFRA board reserves the right to refuse entry to any member exhibiting symptoms and to eject any member not following safety protocols.
Social distancing is a requirement for the operation and safety of the pool and our members. The lifeguards are not responsible for monitoring and policing social distancing. This is the responsibility of the members. The lifeguards are responsible for cleaning, performing pool related activities and most importantly lifeguarding. Their focus is the safety and well-being of the swimmers in the pool and on the deck.
Governor Northam’s plan is broken down into three phases. We expect that we will open the pool during Phase II of the plan, on or about 13 June 2020. This phase can last 2 to 4 weeks, and during this time the following rules will apply:
• Social distancing must be observed, including maintaining a 6 ft distance from the lifeguards
• There will be 90-minute slots for member swimming purposes.
• After each slot, the pool will be evacuated for 30 minutes to clean and disinfect. All personal items must be removed.
• No more than 30 members will be permitted inside the pool. Reservations will be required.
• Reservations can be made one week in advance.
• Reservations will be handled online using Signup genius
• Reservations will be limited to one slot per day prior to the day of the reservations. If slots are still available on a given day, reservations will be opened that day when the pool opens.
• No guests during this phase.
• No Pavilion rentals
• Members will be required to bring their own chairs; tables and umbrellas will be provided.
• Sugar Shack will remain closed.
• The office is off-limits; no entry unless there is an emergency.
• Children under the age of 13 will need to be accompanied by an adult.
• No more than 2 members will be permitted in each restroom at one time.

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