Associate Members

Dear Associate Member,
Finally! The 2021 pool season is almost here! While this will be the second year of the pool operating during the pandemic, the pool will open normally on Memorial Day weekend, and we will follow county and state safety guidelines. Hopefully, we will not have to change any operations this season, but in the unfortunate event, updates will be posted on the pool website,
New News! We have been working hard this winter to bring Rolling Forest into the digital age. We will be using Member Splash, a membership platform, which will assist us with streamlining the management of the pool. This new platform will provide for us:
• Front desk Check in with photo
• Online registration and payment
• Online pavilion reservation
• Mass communication via email
• Being paperless!
We are currently in the process of migrating all registration information into this platform. The system requires a valid e-mail address, so it is ESSENTIAL that this email address be included with your registration information this year. Once the system is operational, you will be given a login to verify your demographic information and upload your photo. All future communications and registrations will be sent through the system and mailings will not be necessary (which will be a sizable time and cost saver).
Now, for less exciting new news. With the rise of the minimum wage, the increased cost of goods and services and rising insurance costs, we have had to re-assess our fees. For us to cover these increased costs, we have increased the membership cost by $50.00 across the board. The fee covers all household members, including live-in caregivers residing in the household for the summer. As always, you have the option to pay your membership by check or credit card (please contact for credit card payments).

To keep updated with pool information feel free to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.
Copies of pool rules and regulations are available at and at the pool’s front desk. Please help us and the guards maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere at the pool. If you have any questions regarding pool procedures or operations, speak to the pool manager at 703-569-1472.
The RFRA annual meeting will be held at the pool Monday, Sept. 5th, Labor Day at 12:30pm. We are always looking for new Board Members. Please contact one of the Board members if you are interested in volunteering. Very few are turned away!
2021 Board Members (elected or appointed)
Greg Trotto, President,
Mike Saadvandi, Treasurer,
Kathy Spillman, At-Large
The entire Board,
The Board is dedicated to serving you. We welcome your suggestions and comments to improve service at the pool. We look forward to a great 2020 season!
The RFRA Board

To join please follow the link. This will take you to our online registation system.

New Members: Registration is a two step process. Once the initial request is completed, you will automatically be placed on a waitlist. We will review and get back to you very shortly.

If you have any questions, pleases contact